Welcome to the American English version of biNu, an ultra-fast, all-in-one app for your mobile phone.

Improve your English: read e-books for learners, listen to audiobooks, explore American songs, and play a language game.

Download the free app:


Java (alternative version)

Java version: 4.3.0
Java file size: 245KB


Android APK

Please note downloading the AE App directly will display a generic warning message. The AE App will not access any of your phone's features without your knowledge or consent.

To install, you must click 'Yes' to all prompts.

Make sure your phone's date and time settings are correct.

Look for app called 'American English' on your phone.

Where is American English on my phone?

Please note that the biNu platform never makes phone calls or sends an SMS without your knowledge or intent: biNu Privacy Policy

Connection help

Students - study English anytime, anywhere! Learn on your own or with friends using social media features like Facebook and Twitter.

Teachers - use the app to bring content into your classroom or to encourage students to practice English in their free time.

iPhone and Windows Phone not yet supported.


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